Upcoming Auctions

Auctions2Prosper has just been launched and we’re currently in step one of its development, so now you can only participate to the auctions strictly related to your business as an Ad2Prosper Member.

But very soon, once this initial phase will be completed YOU’LL BE ALSO ABLE TO SAVE UP TO 95% on any kind of everyday product as these ones listed below and much more!


In this category you find products like food, wine, spirits, drinks, coffee, water, house keeping stuff, as well as full grocery cart.

Can you imagine if you could win once a week an entire grocery cart full of all the items your family need and save up to 90% of its retail price?


Imagine if you could save up to 95% on all your clothing needs for yourself and your family. Jeans, dresses, shirts, shoes, jackets and whatever your could need to follow the latest fashion trends.

Very soon this will become your reality!


How would you like to get all those devices you always dreamed about, at a fraction of their retail price?

Smart phones, TV, MacBook, iPad and whatever you can imagine at your fingertips.

Start getting acquainted with our current Auctions2Prosper by attending them very often starting from now, as this category of products will be available very soon too but you need to learn the best strategies to win this kind of high demanded devices.